If you want to create comfortable, stylish, aesthetic and safe spaces, guillotine glass systems will give your spaces a completely different look. With guillotine systems, which have a very modern and practical use, you can transform your spaces without disturbing your architectural line. After choosing the size of your area, model and material, you can find the prices of the guillotine systems.

What is Guillotine Glass?

As we understand from its name, if we answer the question of what is guillotine glass , which has a similar mechanism to the guillotine, these systems are glass systems that can be opened and closed vertically. Guillotine systems, which are very popular systems, are also known as movable handrails and have practical use that you can control with a remote control. The system, which has a very stylish and aesthetic appearance, is a system that brings quality and aesthetics to your spaces.

Guillotine Glass Advantages

Guillotine glass balcony systems , which create comfortable and stylish spaces for you in your homes, provide you with many advantages. We should mention these advantages:

Guillotine Glass Quick Open and Close

Guillotine windows are windows that open and close quickly and are easily controlled by a remote control. In this way, you can open the windows of your space from where you sit and ventilate; You can turn your spaces into safe spaces by closing them whenever you want. The system offers a system that you can use without wasting time with its motorized working mechanism.

Guillotine Glass Increases Your Safety

Guillotine systems, which create safe areas against theft, significantly increase your security with bottom-up closing systems. Models with a lock system prevent thieves from entering the area where the guillotine systems are located. At the same time, since it is a system suitable for the use of guardrails, the guillotine glass system helps to maximize your security.

Guillotine Glass Provides Thermal Insulation

The most common problem indoors is the weak protection against the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. This causes the bill of devices used for heating or cooling to come much higher. Guillotine systems ensure that your spaces have ideal living conditions with their heat and sound insulation mechanism. Sound insulation helps to create isolated and quiet spaces from the outside. Thus, the comfort of your living spaces increases significantly.

Guillotine Glass Offers Easy Cleaning

One of the most important factors that ensure the comfortable use of glass systems is that they are designed to be easily cleaned. Thanks to its paneled and easy-to-open structure, guillotine glasses are extremely easy-to-clean products. The panels can be opened gradually for cleaning and the sterilization of the place can be easily achieved.

Guillotine Glass Can Be Applied To Any Space

guillotine glass models designed in accordance with the architectural line of each space , you can have guillotine glasses in the color and design you want. By choosing the most suitable models for the design of your space, you can reinforce the aesthetics and elegance of your spaces. Whether your space has a modern or avant-garde decoration, you can choose the models that best suit the stance of your space. In this respect, guillotine systems are glass systems with a very high adaptability.

Guillotine Glass Creates Four Seasons Livable Spaces

Guillotine windows provide protection against wind and rain. With this feature, you can make your areas livable for four seasons, regardless of summer or winter. You can significantly increase your comfort with areas that are protected from the cold in winter, where the effect of heat is reduced in summer, and protected from autumn and spring rains. At the same time, you can easily have larger and more spacious living spaces by increasing the usable area of your space.

Guillotine Glass Provides Long-lasting and Quality Structures

With its useful and robust mechanism, guillotine systems help you have areas that you can use for many years without any problems. In order for your systems to be used without any problems, you need to choose quality and long-lasting materials. Thus, once you have it done, you can have durable and solid structures with systems that you will use without any problems.

Guillotine Glass Models

most suitable guillotine glass model for your spaces , you can have the most ideal systems in terms of both design and use. If we need to list the most frequently manufactured and used guillotine glass models:

  • Two Paneled Guillotine Glass: In the guillotine system where one floor is fixed and the other floor is movable, the movable part is opened by coming over the fixed part. When desired, the area is closed by pulling up to the lower part.
  • Three+ Paneled Guillotine Glass: The number of panels can be increased according to the length of the area to be closed. In guillotine systems where three layers or more panels are used, a single panel is fixed. Other panels are gathered on this panel and opened; When desired, it is fixed to the lower part and closed.
  • Pergola Guillotine Glass: While pergola is applied to the roof in pergola systems used with guillotine glass systems; The guillotine system is used in the glass system at the bottom.
  • Heat Glass Guillotine System: This guillotine glass type , which is used to increase heat insulation , is glass systems with double glazing feature. The temperature of the space is maintained with double glazing.
  • Single Layer – Double Layer Guillotine System: Double layer guillotine system can be applied in order to provide both heat and sound insulation. Again, a single layer guillotine system can be used according to the customer’s request.

Guillotine Glass Manufacturing

The manufacturing stages of guillotine systems are as follows:

  1. Communication: At this stage, the model, size and design information received from the customers are noted and the project is started to be prepared.
  2. Creating a Project: With the data obtained at this stage, necessary preparations are made for the implementation of the guillotine system project.
  3. Analysis and Offer: The project and price offer prepared in the third stage are shared with the customer. If the customer accepts the project and the price offer, the implementation of the project begins.
  4. Manufacturing and Assembly: After the guillotine glass production prepared at this stage, the systems are installed in the place by proceeding to the assembly stage.
  5. Test and Delivery: At the last stage, the systems installed are checked and tested to see if there is a problem. If the test is positive, the prepared systems are delivered to the customers.

Guillotine Glass Prices

Prices of guillotine systems vary according to many factors. By determining these factors, net price information can be communicated to customers. If we need to talk about these factors:

  • Size / Size of the Space: The size of the space plays a direct role in determining the price. As the size of the place increases, the price increases as the material used increases. For this reason, while the price of guillotine glass is much more economical in smaller spaces ; It is more common in large and wide spaces. To get the size of your space, you need to clarify the width measurement. For this, you can measure your tape measure from the ceiling of the place where the system will be placed to the floor, and then from the rightmost indentation to the leftmost indentation.
  • Model: The guillotine glass model you choose also has a role in determining the price. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose the model so that the price can be communicated to you clearly. Insulating glass and multi-panel models have a higher price than standard models.
  • Material: The price of guillotine glasses will vary according to the materials you choose. The material of the panel you choose and the glass selections will play a role in determining the price.

Considering these three factors, you can get a clear offer for guillotine glass prices by communicating your size, model and material selections to the guillotine glass manufacturer you have agreed with. In order to reach the most suitable, high quality and aesthetic guillotine glasses for your space, we recommend you to choose experienced and skilled manufacturers. In this way, you can have trouble-free, long-lasting and high quality guillotine systems.